Liberty is not a means to a higher political end. It is itself the highest political end.

- Lord Acton

Federal Propaganda Prohibition Act of 2005

Most would agree, on the left and the right, that the government should not be involved in propaganda. Not only does it feel dishonest and dirty, but it is clearly a manipulation of the electorate. There is something being done about the dirty practice; the "Federal Propaganda Prohibition Act of 2005" is in the House and the "Stop Government Propaganda Act" is in the Senate.

The left is pushing hard to stop PR from the administration, as they are sure it will damage the Bush Whitehouse—as if it does not occur on the left. (If there is any integrity to the act, then funding for PBS and NPR should no longer come from the government.)

No matter where it comes from, this practice should be stopped. It is not Clear Politics, but dirty deceptive politics.

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