Barbara is a Victim

It is so nice to see a (D)emocrat play the role they were meant to play victim.

Barbara Boxer, who was less than civil to the brighter, talented Condoleezza Rice, now says that when she attacked Rice. Rice stood up for herself and attacked her, so it was really Boxer who was attacked. (Most in the real world would call that defensive, but what do words mean?)

"She turned and attacked me, was Boxer's statement. Sounds like a bit of Clear Politics. We could say it is not easy being a victim, but as is so often (D)emonstrated, it really is easy. Wrong, but so easy.

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Henry M Fagan wrote:

Barbara: Aggressor

Dr. Rice reacted the way any human being might, to defend herself against the senseless verbal attacks from Boxer. I do not believe that the democrats have learned anything from the past two elections. The senator from South Dakota does, now!
Is it really going to take the party becoming a minority party for the long term for them to get it. Oh, but then they will same that they are no more than a victim.
01/28/05 06:20:33

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