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Dazed and Confused, and Staple Your Mouth Shut

Staples is very confused. The left proclaimed victory in getting Staples to pull ads from Sinclair, a campaign that has been around for a while. Staples, within a couple of days, decided to make it clear that they did not succumb to the pressure, and that they will continue advertising on Sinclair. The power of the dollar.

(Huh? Yes, it is Clear Politics at its worst. Someone needs to get in there and explain how to better play the game of empty words and obese dreams.)

This means the boycott from the left should still be on, which will not cost Staples much business ;-) and give the languishing left purpose in life.

It was fun while it lasted, but remember: Staples could change their mind at any moment. In fact, who knows what they are saying to the left right now. Is Bill Clinton advising them?

posted at 14:17:08 on 01/06/05 by clearpolitics - Category: The Cause - [Permalink]

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Staples Coupon Guy wrote:

I love staples, because they always send good coupons.

Is Staples saying "the left" is lying? Do thay have any victories that are not fabricated?
01/06/05 14:47:13

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