Freedom of Expression, Military Style

The “anti” want to attack so much truth is the first casualty and war should be non-existent, but history and human nature tells us otherwise, that there will always be some type of battle, and those willing to do harm, deadly harm, for their cause. So, they attack the military as a whole, part-by-part, but the whole is what they attack.
A Beacon of Hope

It is fascinating how little the major media reflects the sentiment of the soldiers in Iraq. Sure, a lot of this is probably because of agenda politics, but it should really make no difference to most of us, as we can find out the truth for ourselves. We not only have a country where we do have freedom, but our military is given an extraordinary amount of freedom. The soldiers I know in Iraq all have digital cameras and send out a great deal of information, from computer connections made available to them by our government. What I am saying is that we have a very open military.

I have not heard the “anti’s”, or others for that matter, talk about how open the conversation and communication with the soldiers in Iraq has become, and what a beautiful statement this makes about our country, our society. There has been no effort to restrain the flow of information from the soldiers to the public by the military, and this is wonderful in an open society, and surprisingly refreshing.

For those interested, a friend of mine had the following to say just last weekend:

Moral out here is still very high. My hats off to the young enlisted Marines who maintain these helos and those who are on the ground doing the actual fighting. They are hard chargers, who after 12 hours of working on the helos are willing to jump in the back to man the .50 cal guns on a 6 hr mission. More than once I had to kick a Marine off my crew because he had worked prior to manning up. I include into my brief the question "what time did you show up for work today?"

These are our soldiers, and is this how they are portrayed in the media? Is this what you hear? No, but it is the truth, being lived in real time, by those we love and who love us with more than words, but with their complete being, their actions.

Want to learn more, just take the time to stay away from the normal media outlets, and communicate with those working on your behalf.

Let freedom ring loudly, and Clear Politics will be drowned out be the reverberation. (Seems like some are already backing off of their outrage?)

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