We shall leave this world as foolish and as wicked as we found it when we arrived.

- Voltaire

God Forbid It Be The Ideas

Are you a target? Are you sure? The loons on the left are really angry that they lost another election, and they are seeking to punish. The loss was not due to their ideology, but the conspiracy against their idealism, so they think. Who is number one on the hit list? It appears to be Sinclair Broadcasting.

Why Sinclair? They think they have an easy target, a member of the media that went right, but they may just be creating an opportunity. One of the best ways to make money if you are into that kind of thing is to find battered, undervalued stocks. The market often creates these opportunities, and they are often very risky investments, but is that what is happening with Sinclair? The stock is down, and the left is hitting hard, going after advertisers, and but will it work? Really, in the long run, will this effort to crush Sinclair work? If not, have they created an opportunity for you and George Soros?

Every cloud has a silver lining, but sometimes the lining is so thin you have to look hard to find it. While the left does their best to change the country by attacking the clouds and destroying anything in their vengeful path not helping their fellow man, as they suggest they are all about look for a silver lining. And while you look for the silver lining, see the truth that is flailing at the clouds.

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