A little learning, indeed, may be a dangerous thing, but the want of learning is a calamity to any people.

- Frederick Douglas

Working Holiday

It is not a holiday, but a day we all know, a date that will and should live in infamy. We call it December 7, Pearl Harbor Day. It should be a holiday no more than 9/11 should be a holiday, but a day of reflection on the greatness of this nation.

In so many ways, these days are not similar for what was done to us, but how we reacted, how we came together as a nation.

Why these events happened is open for discussion. One event is due to the motives of one man, while the other is the efforts of a nation, a nation at war that felt it necessary because of our blockade. Decisions made because of our actions the perpetrators promised, but their motives have always been, and will always be, footnotes, because it is our response that we control. It is our response that defined us.

Our response to both actions was the same. As people, when together to the aid of others. As a nation, we united. Over time, we divided and started to argue the merits of their choices and ours, but in that moment, we united, as the freedom to bicker within was threatened from the outside. We love this bickering society, and we love the we of those who do disagree. The beauty of both of these acts is how it defined us as a nation, something we would not know without the acts.

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