The Modern Drug

For many, the internet has become an addiction that zaps them of purpose and thoughtfulness, but to each his own… or maybe not. For all of those who think we need to be well managed, you will be happy to learn that "ultimately the Wild West must give way to governance and control."

Huh? Well, that was your Former CIA Director George J. Tenet, who called for more control and better management of information. Alright, he did not call it information, he called it the internet, which is just a platform for communication and information, nothing more. And, in our free society, he has ideas to help better control communication and information, for our own good, or course. Fortunately for him, most people don’t get it, and are just fine with a bit more diminishment of personal freedom.

Enjoy your weekend. Well, it’s not really your weekend, it is the government’s weekend that they are going to allow you to use to stimulate the economy, but if you don’t act properly… Don’t worry, they are watching, monitoring... Did you just…

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yes i agree with the third paragraph the goverment relates to some parents.
03/31/08 23:43:05

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