If by the mere force of numbers a majority should deprive a minority of any clearly written constitutional right, it might, in a moral point of view, justify revolution.

- Abraham Lincoln


Does not doing or never having done drugs make one superior? Was it not Jesus who turned water into wine? Was it not George Bush who had a problem with alcohol? Were not many of our founding fathers cannabis users? Are drugs by definition bad? (We all know someone who is little over the edge after a cup of coffee.)

Did you know that one of the reasons alcohol was made legal again was because of the courts? No, not the judges, but the juries. Juries hesitated on convicting people of alcohol crimes. Politicians knew to get out of the way of that freight train and changed the laws.”Does the jury have the right to do this,” you ask? Yes.

Wow, what incredible power, to not only judge the defendant, but the law. Many judges would suggest that you are not allowed to do such, but if you understand our system—and its beauty—you realize it is our responsibility to judge the law. Frightened? Don’t be. (Though, the most recognizable use of this responsibility was its irresponsible use in the OJ trial. Not true.)

Take a moment and read some information from FIJA (Fully Informed Jury Association), at least to ponder the responsibility of judging the laws you live under.

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The Inquisitor wrote:

The FIJA are a bunch of loons. One of their key writers is a contributor to HIgh Times Mag. Is this site about Politics or simply hippies wanting to get high?
12/01/04 12:42:06

The Inquisitor wrote:

Check it out all you want smoke pot hippies>>>

12/01/04 12:46:07

clearpolitics wrote:

With the hundreds of entries, politics is the correct answer—are there any hippies left? Occasionally, drugs are a political question, something fortunately discussed by those other than hippie—people seeking to seize or vanquish freedom.

Hypocrisy is a problem with government, and the quest for freedom means you must fight for the rights of others, not just for what you deem important.

If the subject were to become too taboo to discuss, than it will have become the ultimate Clear Politics topic. Fortunately, it is still just a topic.
12/01/04 13:35:33

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