Subject opinion to coercion: whom will you make your inquisitors? Fallible men, governed by bad passions, by private as well as public reasons. And why subject it to coercion? To produce uniformity? But is uniformity of opinion desirable? No more than of face and stature.

- Thomas Jefferson

Wal-Mart Too!

If you love competition, you love Wal-Mart. If you love saving money, you love Wal-Mart. Some blame Wal-Mart for destroying K-mart, but that is untrue, as K-mart destroyed themselves. Now, with their comeback at full speed, K-mart and Sears are going after Wal-Mart, and we win!

Sears and K-mart are merging into a giant retailer, third behind Wal-Mart and Target, but with an eye on the prize. Sears has already opened three Wal-Mart SuperCenter type stores, which have done well, and with the teaming of K-mart, plan on opening more to go head-to-head with Wal-Mart. What does that mean? Lower prices for you!

Your dollar goes further, you have more disposable income, and you have greater choice. (And, for all of you ridiculous Wal-Mart haters out there, you have something else to hateóas if you didnít hate enough already and couldnít find something on your own.) What does the market, the largest capital/capitalistic market in the world think about the idea? Loviní it!

Sears stock up. K-mart stock up. Wal-Mart stock nicked, as maybe they will have to work a bit harder. (For those concerned about Teresa Kerry losing money on her Wal-Mart stock, donít worry, sheíll be okay.) Who will win this battle? You!

Go capitalism! Fight hard, and we win!

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