Half a truth is often a great lie.

- Benjamin Franklin

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The end of last week, the beginning of this week brings a great deal of discussion regarding the make-up of the President’s cabinet. Who will advise, and will there be dissent? It is all worthy of discussion, but a bit of patience is necessary. Let us see the new Cabinet before we condemn or cheer the new members.

Sometimes it is hard to concentrate, especially when a giant monkey wrench is thrown into the wheels of reason, but it was supposed to be a beautiful weekend last weekend, and in so many ways it was. There was a celebration of the union of a happy couple, and many hours of conversation with a confused liberal who sees Bush’s inclusion of minorities in his administration as tokenism, and Clinton and Kamp Kerry’s limited and lack of inclusion as indication of nothing. He would not, could not, consider that the right saw good, qualified people, the best available, where the left saw color. He was not going to let the possibility of people being judged on their merits interfere with his stereotype. A meritocracy cannot exist in his repressive, excused purpose. Entertaining, yes, and it was a good weekend, until Sunday arrived.

You awaken to a Sunday morning with a sense of peace on a beautiful day, especially after witnessing a bond of love and tongue lashing a liberal, but then there is the giant monkey wrench. Soldiers died in Fallujah this weekend, fighting to stay alive. People are fighting disease, tragedy, hoping for another day. People cling to life, to hope, yet a young woman decides to end her Sunday morning by jumping off of the balcony of a hotel, wasting the precious life gifted her. It is not a concept that is understood, but then neither is the concept of cut and run when things are not going well. It ended her Sunday morn, but started the day for many others.

It is hard to enjoy the moment, the weekend, the reflection, when singed into your mind is the mangled body of a young woman wasted. A terrorist is more understandable than such waste. If one wants to end it all, then turn yourself completely over to the servitude of something, anything, but to just go splat? Life is so cheap for too many, and no matter how hard you try, what do you think is seen when the eyes are closed and the weekend is remembered? Yes, waste.

Keep it all in perspective, don’t cut and jump. Live to fight another day, or offer yourself to serve a cause greater than you, but live, embrace the gift.

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John Harris wrote:

People can be such cowards. I had a friend who killed himself because his wife caught him cheating and told him to move out. His poor mate at work had to tell people when they called for him.

Things don't always go your way, but so what, move on, you're gonna get there anyway.
11/15/04 15:07:15

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