The 527 Money Pit

The election behind, and billions of dollars down the drain, there are a few questions to consider. One that ought to be addressed by those on the left, the (D)emocrats that so want power to empower, “What do you really care about?”

The (R)ight says they want power to reduce the size, the burden of government. Though the Bush administration may only adhere to half of the goal, it is the general goal of the party. On the left, they say it is not about power, but using the government to help people, to empower. There seems to be few qualms about burdening others in their quest to help, but if you want to help people, would not your efforts be on the helping instead of the power? Would they not spend a bit of their money on the people they want to help?

Yes, presidential campaigns are expensive, and Kerry had to spend a lot of money to make that campaign almost work—though if he had spent nothing the result would have been the same. But what about the 527’s? These are special interest/advocacy groups that spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the last election, and most of that received and spent by (D)emocrats. Again, hundreds of millions of dollars, and who was empowered? Who was raised from poverty? Who received healthcare? Who obtained a better education?

If you really wanted to help people, imagine what you could do with hundreds of millions of dollars. Imagine how many children you could educate with hundreds of millions of dollars in a program that guaranteed scholarships for every child from a poor area that attained a certain level of academic achievement, and let them know that the money came from (D)emocrats? You would have a (D)emocrat for life, an educated individual—yes, we understand the oxymoron joke—and you would have done something constructive with the funds. But this was not and is not done, and (D)emocrats never seem to make truly helping their goal, but government and power their goal.

The Clear Politics of the 527’s on the left (D)emonstrates truth through action, not words. The people that truly profit from a larger government, from government programs are not the less fortunate, but the bureaucrats, the administrators of the programs. The people that benefited from the hundreds of millions of dollars the left gave to the 527’s were not the less fortunate, but those running the 527’s, those vociferously championing the cause. The hundreds of millions went to help those who pretend to want to help others, who talk of helping others, but whose actions are typical Clear Politics.

The truth on the left is the same as the truth on the right, it is just there is more hypocrisy and deceit on the left. The truth is, like all human beings, those on the left are trying to help themselves, but their unfortunate truth is that they use the less fortunate, they need the less fortunate, and they need them to be less fortunate.

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