Politics would be a helluva good business if it weren't for the goddamned people.

- Richard M. Nixon

As They Say, Ignorance is Bliss or “Jane, you ignorant slut.”

The unteachable ignorance of the red states. An article by the left telling those who did not support their Kandidate why they are so stupid. This diatribe goes on and on about how ignorant the people who supported Bush are and always have been, because they are from a “red state.” And what if you are from a blue state and did not accept the ill conceived promises of the left and went right?

Talk about ignorance... and why is anyone who has the ability to reason and a comprehension of freedom and responsibility so beneath this woman? The reason the left does not get it is because they have a complete inability to reason, to think, to see the truth that dances before their blank stare.

Who rounds up the uneducated and takes them to the polls? Who caters to the lowest common denominator? Who attacks the intelligence of their opponent at every loss, every crossroad? Who must be smoking the worst dope on the planet, because they are so paranoid? (They may want to consider going to the red state of Montana.)

Clear Politics is ugly when it streams effortlessly from a blithering idiot. And if you do not agree with them, you are ignorant? If you fall for that line, you really are ignorant.

Progressives have only one course of action now: React quickly to every outrage—red state types love to cheat and intimidate, so we have to assume the worst and call them on it every time. - Jane Smiley.

Though the article is insulting, it does allow the rebirth of an old classic from SNL: “Jane, you ignorant slut.”

The left must be proud to call her one of their own. (And what is “progressive” about repressive government?)

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T. Ewool wrote:

A torn America?

Is this just another example of how president Bush
idealized a new united America. One person attacking one another in an endless cycle of childish bickering. It would be unfair to label or characterize anyone as ignorant regardless of their political standpoint. Differences in experience make for differences in values and virtues and resultantly differences in political opinions. However while we might disagree from one's political perspective that is not by any means grounds for questioning the mental capacity and most definitely is not grounds for using such derrogatory remarks like "slut." Much like religious conflicts, it seems that people will be assertive with regards to their political viewpoints and will tenaciously defended them.
To say restoring unity to America is hard is a most grave understatement. It will definitely take strong leadership and compromise and I can only pray that Bush takes such measures to restore this country internally.
11/05/04 14:10:30

clearpolitics wrote:

Yet, that is her characterization, and many like her.

Have you been to a party where your view is dissenting? Eventually, when the debate is not won on its merit, they turn to personal attacks. George Bush, Ronald Reagan, both decent men, whether or not you agreed with their politics, and clearly not brain dead, had the intelligence attacked viscously, regularly. Still, they stood tall, and did not respond. Neither responded to such viscerally insulting attacks.

Yes, to go around and call her a "slut" because views differ would be to drop to her level of ineptitude, but it is said in jest, as it was said on SNL: He did not agree, and he began his response with, "Jane, you ignorant slut." It made no difference what he said after that, which is why it was so funny.
11/05/04 16:15:22

David wrote:

Perhaps Jane bases her opinions on her own personal experience. If one lives hard and long enough, he/she will have moments of reflection -- the "what ifs" that haunt those who think they coulda woulda shoulda.... I'd wager her diabtribe is actually a tell-all about her own past feelings of insecurity, helplessness and inadequacy. And now that she's "enlightened", it's time to vent.

She's being unfair and UNAMERICAN to the millions of us who have different experiences, different levels of confidence, different backgrounds to assume -- presumably based on media frustration -- that we're all uneducated, unthinking vermin who believe we're bound to hell if someon like Kerry gets to office.

Her best bet would be to join the prospective expatriates who want to move to Canada because of the continuing Republican revolution. We don't need her or them to continue this wonderful experiment in Consitutional government.
11/06/04 09:56:16

T. Ewool wrote:

While I still find it quite unprofessional on both sides, Jane's and the author of this original article, I am glad to see that sentiment that "Jane was an ignorant slut" is not consensus of the owners and all readers of this website. Clearpolitics is right, politics often becomes a game of attacks on character, however, those attacks are generally, and should be, strictly related to political actions and not random degenerate phrases oh let's just say, like the word "slut" for example which has no association to politics. That's the difference between attacks on Bush's intelligence and calling someone a slut, Bush, on many occasions, faulted and had numerous mistakes in his speech. Some waited in anticipation for Bush to mess up just to say "Oh look he messed up again" as if confirming their own preconceived notion of Bush's "lack of intelligence." His ability to speak well is associated with his job thus the attack on his intelligence becomes a "genuine" one. Will every woman who makes a bold assertion be then deemed a slut? There's a difference, but I too feel that Jane is not warranted the right to call any demographic ignorant, like I said before its a difference in culture and experience, and every time we deface a culture we do not understand we become the ignorant ones.
11/06/04 11:51:17

Here, here! You go Ewool! wrote:

Here, here! You go Ewool!
11/06/04 13:57:43

rene wrote:

I guess you have to be a SNL fan to get the slut comment and not be offended. I got it.

Is it not typically the blue areas of the blue states that have a higher poverty, higher crime, poorer schools, higher drop out rates, broken families etc, etc, etc?

At least that the truth in the blue state of Washington where I live.
11/10/04 09:16:56

clearpolitics wrote:

Rene. Thanks for getting it. We all have to chuckle once in a while.

Your analysis is right on, but for some reason, it is an issue that is not really discussed much.

11/10/04 10:43:03

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