Politics would be a helluva good business if it weren't for the goddamned people.

- Richard M. Nixon

Draining Games

The game of Clear Politics can be so, so draining. Lies obfuscated, truths denies. Lies denies, truths obfuscated. And then, the ugliness continues. At least this time there was a clear and decisive victory, so the conspiracies should lay elsewhere. At some point, real discussion about those who embrace a larger imposing government and those who desire the tolerance of freedom will have to be discussed.

For those who think Schwarzenegger is a conservative, you need to ask why he feels it is appropriate to spend $6,000,000,000 of taxpayer money on research that the bio-tech industry deems unworthy to spend themselves.

For those who feel they have the right to have a beer, eat poorly, race cars, and treat their body as they wish—and they do—you have to ask yourself why it is so difficult to allow others the freedom to do with their bodies as they wish. But, perhaps they do.

In a conservative state like Montana, where guns are plentiful, the citizenry decided to let people use marijuana for medicinal purposes. While a “liberal” state like Oregon, rejected a measure that would have made it easier for those using marijuana for medicinal reasons to access the drug. Montanta went Bush, while Oregon went Kerry, but ask yourself the unthinkable Clear Politics question: Which of those states is truly more tolerant, more liberal?

Liberal is a beautiful word the left tried to hijack, perhaps that is why they have moved on to “progressive,” as the meaning is more ambiguous.

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