We Were Wrong! And?

Clear Politics called the election correctly, long before the “big networks.” Bush won the Electoral College votes and popular vote; we were just a little off on the electoral vote count. (Come on, you knew California was not really in play.) Credibility intact, we offer more pontificating prognostication:

Michael Moore will not be making anymore anti-Bush movies, though he made a small fortune trying to give America back to the people. (You know he must be very proud, today.) Well, he succeeded, and is now hard at work making another inaccurate movie telling you why your healthcare system is so bad.

If Michael Moore would take some of that cash and travel the world, he would understand what an incredible system we have, but he would rather eat, and drain our healthcare system with his unhealth. The best thing you can do to help our healthcare system is be healthy—any chance he will mention that in his movie? No, that requires a tiny bit of individual responsibility, and perhaps discipline, something not often found in a glutton. Divergence…

With all of Michael Moore’s hard work, America has been returned to the people, and the electoral votes and popular vote are in sync. Thanks, Mike. Let’s all say it together:

Thanks, Mike.

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joe wrote:


Ok everyone, it is about time we get to spend at least 24 hours gloating and rubbing the nut case lefts face in the mud. We can be nice again on Thursday. After what the liberal media and the liberals have doen ove rthe past year, we deserve at least that.

11/03/04 07:17:36

sara wrote:

Let's go Joe!

You are right. It is a great day, and Kerry will not admit defeat, even though it is a clear deafeat.

He is not doing the right thing now, do people not see he is incapable of doing the right thing.

This is a wonderful day.

Thank you America. Thank you!
11/03/04 07:32:27

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