Thatís It?! We Are Good.

Only a day away from the election, and to the surprise many who are watching the global security scene, we have not been attacked here at home. The best Osama (Usama) bin Laden can do is a video tape? It appears his group has been neutered.

Bush is behind in Electoral Votes, behind in the early count in Florida, but not all have voted yet. What has to be considered is that since there has been no attack we may again be taking our security for granted, because people going into the booth are voting for Kerry even with his record, and if you listen to his speeches, like the ones he gave this weekend, he looks outside of the US, outside of our country for theanswer. Unfortunately, their best interest is theirs, not ours.

Whoever wins the election tomorrow, we will survive. We will survive because that work and carry the burden of society will continue to work. We will survive because those in the military and intelligence agencies who protect us will continue to fight, even for the fools and naysayers who think nothing is worth fighting for.

Realize this, there are many who believe nothing is worth fighting for, and if you think when push comes to shove the talkers of peace will keep you safe, you are kidding yourself. It is the warriors who will keep you safe at night, even when you would do nothing for them. It is the warriors who will bring you peaceóeven if it is your nature to be a victim.

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sara wrote:

My mom is one of those people. She had a bunch of kids, and joined zero population growth, telling us that maybe it wasn't right to have so many kids. She is against war, all war. She is against fighting of any kind.

I asked her what she would do if my kids were being attacked when they were with her? Would she defend them? Would she kill the attacker if necessary?

She said she didn't believe in violence.

I asked what if you were being raped. She said it is just better to let it happen.

My vote is going to be canceled out by my mother. She is voting for Kerry.

My mom is well off, and I have seen her fight, and it has always been for the same thing, money. She is a good business woman, and she will fight for her cut. It is someone elseís job to protect her way of life, because she does not believe in violence. When I see Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon and Ben Affleck and Michael Moore and Natalie Portman, I think of my mom. Like them, she is comfortable, and so well insulated that she doesnít have to get her nails dirty for anything, except making a buck.
11/01/04 10:36:17

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