Clear Politics at Worst, at Best

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell thinks that Osama bin Laden wants to help Bush. Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson believes Osama is trying to help Kerry. (Is he helping either?)

Rendell is a (D)emocrat and Thompson is a (R)epublican. Clear Politics is clear.

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tomdlaw wrote:

Bin Laden is trying ot help himself!
11/01/04 06:12:22

John Daley wrote:

In world war II the french and Brits said leave hitler alone, this is a war amoung Germanic countries. It has nothing to do with the rest of Europe.

How many people died because of the selfish cowards in France and Germany?
11/01/04 06:59:53

John Daley wrote:

When you listen to democrats remember what President Kennedy said: "Ask not what your Country can do for you but what you can do for your country!"

Today, liberals are just the opposite: "Ask not what I can do for this country but what this country can give me!"

Selfish cowards...Abortion - your not making me take care of a baby I don't want! Kill it first.

I don't want to compete with the world for jobs, build a wall of protectionism to save MY job.

I want cheep drugs and I want them safe, and I will sue if they are not.

Get rid of haliburton so we can export those jobs to France, the only other country that has a company that can handle it.

on and on and on. Selfish, cowards
11/01/04 07:07:38

John Daley wrote:

Stop this fight for Oil, I don't care if it causes convultions in the world economy, What does that have to do with me?

Lay offs in the US because we can't compete with China who subsidies their oil with government money! I don't care!

Selfish, cowards! Conservatives have a safety net and liberals have a spider web they can use to keep the poor poor!
11/01/04 07:34:33

John Daley wrote:

Don't call names, just listen to liberals as they talk.
Do they make purely emotional arquments that are not based in fact? Do they sound like when you strip everything else away they only are concerned about themselves. Just listen, ask polite questions and watch them go balistic.

Then decide if you can live with them.

With Liberty comes responsibility, that's why liberals want know part of it unless someone else is paying the bill!
11/01/04 08:38:36

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