Subject opinion to coercion: whom will you make your inquisitors? Fallible men, governed by bad passions, by private as well as public reasons. And why subject it to coercion? To produce uniformity? But is uniformity of opinion desirable? No more than of face and stature.

- Thomas Jefferson

Improving Economy Benefits All

“…the numbers leave no doubt that the economy is doing nicely -- and likely to improve.” - BusinessWeek

It is the economy, stupid! An old campaign line that always bears relevance, and if you understand economics, what the government can do to help the economy is diminish the burden of government. Yes, that is a big “if.”

Bush is behind in Electoral Votes today, and if Kerry wins he will benefit from a bettering economy, an economy the Bush Administration helped along by reducing taxes, and was able to—beyond realistic expectations—keep trucking along after the disaster of 9/11. History will acknowledge his administration for this, no matter how the election falls. How we will fare depends on Congress.

If Kerry wins and he his party has no congressional control, we are all safe—hopefully. The bottom line is government has to stay out of the economy’s way, and Bush was not great at that, but alright. He likes big government spending. Kerry likes bigger government spending.

For all of those who seek prosperity, it does not come from government, it comes from your hard work and good fortune, and most of all your persistence. For all of those looking for a handout, it does not come from the government, it comes from your family members, your parents, your children, your neighbors, and you. Government is the friction that takes from all of us, pays itself richly and redistributes, ensuring that only the government gains significantly—not you.

Do you want prosperity? Elect Kerry and give him a conservative (R)epublican congress. Want even more prosperity? Elect George Bush and let him know that (R)epublican’s are supposed to be for smaller government. Don’t care? Then don’t vote, even if P Diddy tells you to “Vote or Die.”

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