Worldwide Clear Politicking!

Sure, Clear Politics can be a bizarre explanation of purpose to inundate and obfuscate the listener, manipulating them to a course of action, but Osama?

Yes, Osama bin Laden can be seen on al Jazeera today, explaining 9/11. Yes, Osama’s Clear Politics of 9/11. Can this campaign get anymore bizarre?

And, as horrible as it sounds, he seems to be campaigning for Kerry. Ouch.

Actually, let us hope it is anti-Bush campaigning, and not pro-Kerry.

Wait! This is not how Osama wants to communicate with us, he wants to destroy us. Does this mean that the efforts of the Bush Administration to protect US soil have succeeded? Does this mean Osama's crew was unable to attack before the election!

George and friends may be doing a better job than we have ever imagined, which is good for all of us, whomever you support.

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OsamaVotesKerry wrote:

Osama campaigns for Kerry. So a vote for Kerry is a vote fo Osama?

I predict Bush wins by a landslide never before seen.
10/29/04 13:35:04

Now it-s Bush, because I swung. wrote:

I was voting Kerry, but when I was listening to NPR yesterday, they were talking about Osama like he was a sane man with sage advise, and how we should consider that "the towers" may have been our fault.

Tell that to the thousands murdered early one morning.

Osama is not a sane man, NPR. He wants to kill us all, and he has not succeeded, and Bush not only gets a tiny bit of dredit for that, he is getting my vote.
10/30/04 12:21:23

Bryan Barnes wrote:

I always intended to vote for Bush and I will follow through on November 2nd, even though I'm from a state that actually voted for Carter over Reagan, which is to say that it is an automatic Democrat stronghold. When I saw the Osama tape, at least part of it, I figured that Osama was trying to influence this election like the one in Spain. So, the question I guess is if we will follow their example and vote for the guy he would prefer. I actually feel bad for Kerry that Osama did all but endorse him directly, but I do think that we must make the right move. I'm sorry that Kerry is caught like this, which has happened more than once in his campaign, but he is a seasoned political veteran, so my sympathy isn't that great.
Bush in '04. Bush en dos mil cuatro. Bush in zwei tousend vier.
10/31/04 18:10:36

zolfo wrote:

Kerry is a wimp. He would not hold up to the terriost .I believe he would cave to the terrorist and turn control of Iraq over to the UN and his French buddies .He was against our soldiers in Viet Nam and is doing the same to our troops in Iraq. You can not change a lepords spots. Kerry will make the worst president in the history of the USA.
11/01/04 01:52:47

Barry Watson wrote:

I pray to God that Kerry is defeated. I am thankful that our military is as strong as it is and that these young men and women are dedicated to take the fight to our enimies. If Kerry is elected there will be another attack and when that happens the people who voted for him will realize that they made a mistake, but it will be too late, Think about how we reacted when we had a decisive leader who stood against evil, then think about the same scenario with a flip flopper like Kerry. No one will have the confidence to invest a dime in anything and economic colapse will follow. May God have mercy on us and on our country. I suggest that we will only have our celebrities such as Barbra Striesand, Leonardo DeCaprio, Bon Jovi, Ben Afleck, and James Taylor to look to (or blame). God help us.
11/02/04 08:13:09

Kerry will not win. Kerry will not win. wrote:

I refuse to believe Kerry can win. If I had the mores of a democrat, I would vote a dozen times.

Kerry will not win. Kerry will not win. Kerry will not win. Kerry will not win. Kerry will not win. Kerry will not win. Kerry will not win. Kerry will not win. Kerry will not win. Kerry will not win. Kerry will not win. Kerry will not win. Kerry will not win. Kerry will not win. Kerry will not win. Kerry will not win. Kerry will not win. Kerry will not win.

It sickens me that it is even close. Why are there so many stupid people.
11/02/04 08:42:41

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