Michael Moore Scores Again

Michael Moore has worked hard to portray the United States of America and its leaders in a certain light, and it appears he has succeeded:

Bush voted "Movie Villain of the Year"

And you did not even know Bush as a movie star? He beat out Spider-Man 2ís Doctor Octopus and The Texas Chainsaw Massacreís Leatherface, two other fictional characters.

We all need some levity at moments, especially when those nuisance terrorists are threatening to fill our streets with blood.

Will Michael Moore ever be as good as Ed Wood?

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John Daley wrote:

The question of the year next year will be: "will the international courts step up to charge a sitting president of the US with war crimes that he admitted to on the air. At least we won't have to go through an impeachment if the Hagg does their job!
10/28/04 11:54:39

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