Subject opinion to coercion: whom will you make your inquisitors? Fallible men, governed by bad passions, by private as well as public reasons. And why subject it to coercion? To produce uniformity? But is uniformity of opinion desirable? No more than of face and stature.

- Thomas Jefferson

Do You Feel Better? How About Now?

We know that if Kerry becomes president he will be a God—his campaign has made that clear, but has he not promised again and again to level with us?

Again, we hear him continue to blame George Bush for the flu vaccine problem. Are people really going to vote for a man that stupid?

- George Bush is not responsible for the manufacturing of the flu vaccine.
- Even if George Bush were as all powerful as John Kerry hopes to be, and as all evil as John Kerry says he is, he would not have “created” this problem right before the election.
- For those still clueless, England is not a part of the United States, and therefore is not under FDA rule.
- For those really, really clueless, the vaccine we do not have is manufactured in England.
- For those so clueless they are incapable of buying anything but Kerry’s rhetoric, pharmaceutical companies manufacture overseas for a myriad of reasons, including the fact that they are castigated by an ingrate ignorant American populace.
- Is John Kerry going to give George Bush credit for the development of the nasal spray flu vaccine approved by the FDA?
- George Bush did not make a call for his buddies to jack the oil prices up so his buddies in the oil industry could make more money.
- George Bush can not call his buddies in the oil industry to bring the price of oil/gas down.
- George Bush does not have a magic Rolodex.
- Agree or disagree with George Bush, he is not Satan—he is not that powerful.
- If John Kerry is elected president, he will not have the magical powers he thinks George Bush has, and his followers will be disappointed.

It is more unfortunate that citizens—voting citizens—believe the president is almighty, but you must ask yourself why they would believe such a thing. One reason is the rhetoric of John Kerry and John Edwards. And why believe such rhetoric? Unfortunately, truth be told, they do not want the one thing they can not avoid—responsibility for their life’s, the good, the bad, the ugly.

It is not George Bush’s fault if I get the flu tomorrow and die, just like it is not he who receives credit if I do/don’t catch the flu and live. Some things are bigger than the president. Actually, most things are bigger than the president.

During the debate George Bush said that to help fellow Americans, stay healthy so you do not need a flu shot, and for most of us, staying healthy is a choice, but upon saying that there were many who ran the next day to get there’s, healthy or not—screw everyone else. You know who they are voting for because all of this is not about individual responsibility, caring for yourself and your loved one, it is about getting yours, and blaming others when you do not get what you think you deserve. Bush says get healthy, stay healthy, so you do not need a flu shot, as he is forgoing his. Kerry says it is Bush’s fault. One of these men has promised to level with us, one of them is.

Remember, when you see people saying they are voting for Kerry to help their fellow citizenry, to help their neighbor, they are lying to you, to themselves. They are voting to get theirs, and put that burden on your back, and when they don’t get there’s, put that responsibility, blame, on your back.

This is why the Libertarian Party does not do better; it keeps telling people the truth: It is not the government’s responsibility, it is yours. Ouch. How dare they.

We elect a president, not a God. George Bush wants to be President. John Kerry wants to be God. Michael Badnarik wants to be President. The best any of these men can hope for on election night is the presidency, so no matter what happens, John Kerry is going to be disappointed.

This is going to be hard for some to hear, and for many to accept, but here it goes: The government does not owe anyone flu vaccine. Influenza vaccinations are not a right, even if the government promises, as rights are natural.

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