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Give Us More Power!

America's chief communications regulator will seek broad regulatory authority for the US federal government over internet-based telephone services to avoid stifling the emerging market.

Really. The articles—one after another, after another, after—all say pretty much the same thing: In order to protect the industry from regulation, the federal government will seize regulatory authority.

Apparently, you have more freedom and more free-market with more government control. Really? Tell us, please, where has more government regulatory control given more market freedom?

Sure, it sounds seductive: The federal government will take over regulatory control from the states, so the states do not overburden and stifle the new industry with regulations. (States' rights, is that even an issue anymore?) You just have to accept that the government will limit regulations, and if you buy that, there is this bridge for sale.

If they really, really wanted to get out of the way, the federal government could bar states from regulating VoIP without regulating it themselves. Ah, but who would wield the power then? Whom, indeed.

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