In war, you can only be killed once, but in politics, many times.

- Winston Churchill

Oil Burns

The Russian government continues to strengthen its stranglehold on Yukos, consolidating its power to a more centralized government. Apparently, having been there and failed before does not mean much, as the sweet scent of power is all consuming. How have Russia’s current moves been missed by the candidates? Too real?

Oil passed $54, on its way to $74(?), and gas is well over $2 bucks a gallon in many areas. Yes, this is costing the entire economy, as the excess fuel cost increase prices, and leave consumers with less disposable income. This affect will gain momentum as prices continue to climb, whoever is in office. This is a drag on the economy, and will be for a while. (Everyone who said we were invading Iraq for cheap oil sure has been proved wrong.)

The stock market is sputtering again, as it has for a while. Yes, the market has fears, and though many are not Bush fans, the business environment fears Kerry. Actually, more than Kerry, the business environment fears Edwards—trial lawyer, Edwards.

The government does not create the economy, as Russia proved not long ago, and seems to want to prove again, but the government can get in the way of a growing economy. Kerry wants more government programs, and higher taxes, which will hurt the economy, but Bush has proven he is a big government (R)epublican, so what is the difference? Yes, Bush does lower taxes, which is a stimulus, and perhaps in a second term, his unelectable codependence will subside and he can push for smaller government.

The best thing for the economy if Kerry wins is for congress to stay in the (R) column. The best thing for the economy if George wins is for someone to tell him conservatives are supposed to believe in less government. The best thing for the economy, for you, is for a (L)ibertarian to win, and gets the government out of our way and off of our backs. (Sure, the last one is not going to happen, anymore than the millionaires currently running feel your financial frustrations.)

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