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Viva La Wal-Mart

Please, tell me why (D)emocrats hate Wal-Mart? They pay taxes, loads and loads of taxes. They provide jobs to those at the low end of the socio economic stratum. They provide goods at prices significantly lower than other providers, saving those that can least afford to waste money substantially. I do not understand why the antis are anti-Wal-Mart.

Perhaps Mary Flowers (D-Chicago) summed up the (D)emocrat position best when she said, "I'm for jobs in this community, but I have an insult level. People need a livable wage. As an African-American woman, I once worked for $1 an hour. I'm not talking about what I don't know." Huh? Make sense? Clear Politics?

What I think she is saying is that she once worked for $1 an hour, and now she is a successful Illinois politician, who is African-American. Her point? Starting out on the bottom is not good enough? She has bills to pay and $1 an hour will not cut it anymore, and the easy money is in politics. Wal-Mart makes you earn your money, the bastards!

If I were cynical I would think that (D)emocratís hate Wal-Mart because its workers are not unionized, and that the (D)ems are catering the union vote, but come now, that would be at the expense of the vast number of poor who have to pay excessively for their dry goods and groceries at unionized stores. The (D)ems would never put a small group of protected few above the masses. Never.

By the way, I know people that work at Wal-Mart, and they are nice people. Perhaps the (D)ems are more comfortable in a store where the cashier is making $40 per hour and looking down their nose at the highly educated school teacher.

A Wal-Mart spokesman said "You become the target of a lot of different criticisms when you're as large as we are. I firmly believe at Wal-Mart we do our best to treat people right and treat them with respect. We believe we bring good things to communities."

When I compare the two statements, one is politics, Clear Politics, and the other sounds decent. You judge.

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Marc Brazeau wrote:

You should get the facts on Wal-Mart instead of comparing a statement by a politician and a corporate flak catcher to weigh the virtue of Wal-Mart.

* Wal-Mart has been caught locking their cleaning crews in their buildings overnight. (decency? real clear decency? you be the judge.)
* Wal-Mart has been sued to pay over $50 million in unpaid wages to 69,000 workers in Colorado. (decency? real clear decency? you be the judge.)

* Wal-Mart has been sued to pay over $500,000 to 120 workers in New Mexico.(decency? real clear decency? you be the judge.)

* Wal-Mart has had a class action lawsuit certified for 200,000 workers for $150 million that Wal-Mart shortchanged its workers for working through their 15 minute breaks for four years. (decency? real clear decency? you be the judge.)

* Wal-Mart has managers deleting time off of peoples time cards and forcing them to work off the clock. (decency? real clear decency? you be the judge.)

* Wal-Mart is facing the largest class action suit in history filed on behalf of Wal-Mart's female employees who make up two thirds of the company yet comprise only 15% of store managers. (decency? real clear decency? you be the judge.)

* Wal-Mart's own internal audits that revealed child labor law violations including ( in 2000 for only 25,000 workers) 1,371 instances of minors working too, late, during school hours or too many hours in a day, 60,767 missed breaks, 15,705 lost meal times. (decency? real clear decency? you be the judge.)

* An astonishing 40% of Wak-Mart workers quit every year. (decency? real clear decency? you be the judge.)

* Wal-Mart demands huge amounts of corporate welfare from communities, paid for by the small businesses that have been faithfully paying their taxes for years and have been crushed by Wal-Mart's strategy of predatory pricing ( thousands of successful lawsuits on this point) (decency? real clear decency? you be the judge.)

* Wal-Mart has littered this country with 371 empty stores, over 28 million square feet, that they refuse to rent or sell to other discount retailers, so communites are just left with the blight. (decency? real clear decency? you be the judge.)

* Wal-Mart has agreed to pay $1.3 million dollars for violations of the Clean Water Act in 23 states. They were fined $1 million for the same thing a few years ago. (decency? real clear decency? you be the judge.)
* Wal-Mart is the biggest pipeline for goods from China. I'm all for imports and the benefits of comparative advantage, but from countries with state sponsored indentured servitude. (decency? real clear decency? you be the judge.)
If Wal-Mart was succeeding by playing according to the rules of some Ayn Randian fantasy free market, then they wouldn't need to have the largest corporate PAC in the country.
05/14/04 20:10:01

clearpolitics wrote:

I, like millions of others have judged the big picture, and I will be shopping at Wal-Mart. I will also be buying Chinese made goods, though I prefer to go to a friendís house and have his mother cook for me directly.

The largest retailer should have a large PAC, especially when cheesy politicians are for sale.

Another item to ponder: With a company the size of Wal-Mart, that is the best you could come up with? So, why are you really angry at them? Are they jeopardizing your $42 per hour job as a cashier at the local grocery store?

(I went to Home Depot the other day and the plywood said "Made in China.Ē You better check your house before you move in.)

Good luck with the no shopping at Wal-Mart and no buying Chinese goods thing, and donít compromise. If you donít have your principals, what do you have?
05/29/04 17:38:01

val wrote:

recently my wife retired from wal mart, and like any job,there are good things and bad things. no regrets on her part. the ones that complain, are the ones that would complain no matter where they would work.thats because they might have to put out a little effort, because no one is handing them a piece of the pie ,with no effort on thier part. we all like freebies from time to time, but those things come with honesty and hard work.
03/15/05 14:26:06

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