Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't.

- Mark Twain

Taxing Topics

The Clear Politics of the spinning taxes is so strange to behold. Taxes, taxes, taxes, we need more taxes, the left decries—by-the-by, they don’t actually pay too much in taxes, because they know how to use the government they designed, unlike those overtaxpaying fools running on the right.

Perhaps it is about what is right. If it so important to pay taxes, to contribute more, to contribute a fair share, why all of the contortions to avoid taxes? Would it have hurt Edwards to pay his Medicare taxes? (Especially when he has worked so hard to increase the cost of healthcare for you?) Apparently.

Look at the effective tax rates of the candidates, and see who is calling for what. When someone is calling for higher taxes when they have professionals whose career it is to avoid the payment of these taxes, then who is the increased taxes going to burden? Not them, they are too smart for that.

And why the complexity in the tax system? Come on, we all understand that in order to play Clear Politics, you must have something to sell, and manipulation of the tax code is that is sold—cheaply—on the hill. If there were a simple tax code, a flat tax, there would be far fewer goods for pompous politicians to offer their well financed friends.

Of course, you subsidize the sale. Hey, it’s just politics, Clear Politics.

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