Freedom of speech means allowing not just those you embrace to speak, but those you fear. The problem with so many is that they fear freedom more than anything.

- e. a. graham

Intelligence = Jobs Program

All of the intelligence agencies with so little to do, or so much to do that should not be done. Either way, it is another government jobs program.

Being a businessman, you would think the President would want to streamline operations. There is no need for so many alphabet soup intelligence agencies looking for areas to insert themselves and their snoopiness. Consolidate! Streamline! Take all of these agencies and merge them into two or three agencies, then cut the staffs to a manageable level. Fiscal responsibility is a good thing.

Too many of us accept that we have what we have because we believe it must be what we need. Ptooey! Shrink. Consolidate. Though the big government crowd that runs the government -- part of the problem -- would consider this a step backward, it would be a leap forward.

A right sized federal government is MUCH smaller than its current size. Much, much smaller.

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