Law Compliance: Optional

Many cities across the nation have decided that they are not required to follow the law. They do not like certain laws, but instead of working to change them they feel that they are entitled to ignore them. Well, sounds like a plan.

There are definitely laws that you do not agree with and only comply with because of consequences. Should you be allowed to pick and choose which laws apply to you? If you are in a sanctuary city the answer is simple: Absolutely!

Why bother working to change a law when you can flaunt said law without consequence. You want to speed? Speed. You want to sell heroin from your porch? Sell away. Interested in rape? Seek help, because your government suggests the law should not stop you from doing what you think is acceptable. (Really, it is not acceptable. Seek help.) Want to kill your sworn enemy? Generally, we know such things are against the law, but if laws are optional in your community, prepare to defend yourself.

Sure, you do not agree with the immigration laws. Many do not, but there are many laws that most of us do not agree with, yet in this semblance of a civilized society, we agree to follow and work to change. When this agreement is gone, we have given birth to anarchy.

In a sanctuary city, the government is making it clear that laws are optional. There is no better city to be a criminal on trial, for if laws are optional for the government, they are optional for the people. If you are a criminal of any kind and seek sanctuary, there are places for you and a good defense attorney.

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