Why the Apologies?

The PC police have been swinging their batons like old school blackjacks. Look at the news these days -- and really, is there anything more newsworthy than another's thoughts? -- and you will see the quotes of someone that the Politically Correct Thought Police (PCTP) has labeled as an offender. Apparently, we must all be warned of words said that someone finds offensive -- though, what is not offensive to someone.

The PCTP do not believe in free speech, or free ideas, or ignorance, or stupidity, they believe in uniformity. It is their belief that we must all think and speak alike, and those that do not agree with what is professed to be approved thought must be singled out and punished. These days there has been a ramping up of the PCTP in riot gear, striking forcefully upon those with whom they cite. (And these people think they are intelligent because their bias is superior?)

Yes, for the truly tolerant, this is absurd, but it does beg the question, 'Why so many apologies?'

The PCTP are encouraged because their bludgeoning is getting results. Everywhere you will see those that have said something that has caught the attention of the offended apologizing for their words. Does it change their words? No. Does it erase their words? No. Does it change how they feel? No. Will it keep them from expressing themselves in the future? Probably. Is that the goal, to quell conversation? It seems so.

By paying heed to the PCTP, we have discarded the need for conversation. Why communicate, for there is one officially appropriate stance on everything, and all other perspectives are to be crushed. State the PC line, or state nothing. So why state anything? We know the PC line, so there is nothing left to discuss. How boring this will become.

It would be nice if people were stronger and would take a stand against the PCTP, be willing to pay the price for being true to themselves, but people seem to be worn down by the bludgeoning. The PCTP are violent bullies, PC approved, waiting to pounce and be honoured for the pouncing. Fuck them all! Do you really want to spend your life being approved, or do you want the freedom you inherit as a human to express yourself in the full ignorance and brilliance of your experience and understanding? You do not have to succumb. Sometimes there is more comfort in your mistake than in kowtowing to the berating of others.

Remember, when you apologize, they own you and they know that. Apologies change nothing, they are just a way of making you bow before your master.

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