Politics would be a helluva good business if it weren't for the goddamned people.

- Richard M. Nixon

The Dark Ages Live!

You can choose to laugh or cry, but a great number of our fellow citizens are babbling, sycophant idiots and are not capable of change. The universal 'we' look back on the ignorance of the past as unavoidable, because they did not know better. We should know better, but every day people wake and fear the rain, or the lack of rain, or the snow, or the lack of snow, or the heat, or the cold, or the wind, or a volcano, or an earthquake, or any other myriad of natural events. Their ignorance is not a joke, but you might as well laugh.

Many of these same people who tremble in fear of the changing nature would readily agree that the earth has experienced many ice ages, and periods of warming that would make life unsustainable for the human species. They would say they understand that this information is part of the historical record, yet they presently believe that man is now dictating the changes in the natural evolution of the planet -- that we are nature's god. What do they think would happen if the human species did not exist? (For those unclear: If the human species did not exist, nature would continue to change. for change is all that is assured.)

Perhaps fear is a natural state, just as natural as ignorance, and it would appear the two are probably very highly correlated.

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