I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.

- Thomas Jefferson

Drug Policy and VIOXX

The federal government will not allow you to use cocaine, crack, heroin, opium, or marijuana, but they have some nice alternatives from the pharmacy. OxyContin? Vioxx? What do you need.

Sure, there are problems with illicit drugs, so the government is going to look after your best interest and make sure the drugs are off of the market, banned, illegal. If you use them you are a criminal. Of course, that means the drugs they make available are safe, right?

OxyContin: A drug that can be highly, highly addictive, prescribed for pain. More than 400 deaths.
Vioxx: An arthritis drug. 27,000 heart attacks and sudden cardiac deaths attributed to its use. 27,000.

Yes, the list of drugs could go on and on, but why? Have all of the illicit drugs combined contributed to 27,000 heart attacks and sudden cardiac deaths? In just four years?

How come when a pharmaceutical company and the FDA make a little mistake that costs the lives of thousands, it is not a big deal. No one will go to jail, no one will be held accountable. Thousands of people are dead. The guy down the road who sells crack, the guy who buys crack, they are both going to jail—the seller for a very long time.

27,000 soldiers will not be killed in Iraq in four years, even if battle escalates. 27,000 heroin junkies will not die of overdoses in the next four years, even if they try. More than 27,000 people will go to prison for their involvement in illicit drugs over the next four years. No one will be held accountable for Vioxx, for OxyContin.

In our free society, nature’s most accessible drugs are illegal why?

Get outraged at 1,000 deaths of soldiers who went to battle knowing the risks and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, yet be silent when 27,000 have heart attacks and sudden cardiac deaths, totally unaware of the risk they were taking? Silence when more than 27,000 people go to jail for drug crimes, because of the drug they choose? If this seems rational to you, what drug are you on, Prozac (2,500 DEAD)?

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