Wikipedia Double Standard?

Is Wikipedia applying a double standard? If you contribute to wikipedia at all--anyone can--you want to add useful information and/or remove useless information. Many wikipedia pages refer to government pages, such as USDA plant descriptions, etc. Well, some of us have removed some of these links, as they are dead links. Wikipedia restores those links pretty quickly, saying they will work again. These pages invariably have useful non-governmental links that are working and the government links are not only not working but often redundant, so why do they deserve special treatment? A dead link is a dead link.

Wikipedia is supposed to be a source for useful information in real time, not information that will one day be useful in the future. In fact, do you think any link not of a governmental nature would be maintained for its future usability? And would it not benefit us all to have a source of information independent of governmental tantrums? Maintain your standard, Wikipedia, kill the dead links.

posted at 13:07:12 on 10/08/13 by clearpolitics - Category: The Cause - [Permalink]

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