More Debate?

What some people do now know is that many years ago the League of Women Voters was considering the inclusion of third party candidates in the presidential debates, and had included third party candidate John Anderson. Jimmy Carter (D) did not like the idea, and bailed, leaving Anderson and Reagan to debate. Yes, Carter bailed on the debate with Reagan. Later, leaders of the two parties came together and formed the Commission on Presidential Debates. Why? To keep the debates bipartisan.

The internet to the rescue? You can watch the Libertarian and Green Party candidates debate. (Unfortunately, you must use Internet Explorer to watch, as nothing happens if you use the wonderful Firefox browser.)

So, watch a debate, or better yet, help expand the putrid Clear Politics of the current debate process. It is not like either one of these candidates would converge on the blandness of the middle now represented, so what do they fear?

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