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Government Accepts Responsibility for Evil!

In the vein of Elizabeth Warren and other (D)emocrats, President Obama seized on the idea that success happens and is caused by the efforts of the vast government infrastructure, from teachers to roads. A specious argument at best, but fools seem to really enjoy taking credit for the efforts of others without themselves have put forth the effort to create and build. If you like this line of thinking, then take full credit.

If we -- as in the collective societal all -- are to take credit for the good work and success of others because of the government infrastructure, we must claim the exact same amount of credit for the evils and failures within society. When someone is murdered or raped, the same society that provided teachers and roads to the success also provided teachers and roads to the evil, the criminals. If this infrastructure allows us to feel we have accomplished good by taken credit on the backs of others who have worked hard, then we must take credit for the evil, as we are just as culpable. Are you prepared to take credit for the murderer, the pedophile, the rapist, the burglar and others?

Next time you drive your car down a highway and sit back with a sticky grin eating a doughnut and thinking about how you helped build GM and Apple because of the government built highway, don't forget to remind yourself that a murderer used the same highway, and if you think that highway allows you to take credit for success, then take credit for the murderer as well, for he could not have carried out his deed without your support and efforts.

Sound silly? No sillier than the logic espoused by the loopy leaders on the left.

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