Off The Subject, But Still Talking of the Lame

wifeswap. Yes, that’s right, the ABC reality show Wife Swap.

If you did not see it, you should watch it when it runs again Saturday night at 10pm. Why? Steven Spolansky. A man who has money, which is a good thing, because he has nothing else. Nothing. (Even his “wicked” sarcasm was weak.) Makes you wonder how lame the people around him must be, because this guy is so shallow and insecure you could have a more stimulating conversation with Anna Nicole.

Yes, reality shows are usually a waste of time, but this guy is worth the watch. He’s a special, special man. Watch it, and if you identify with him at all, you need help, serious help.

This guy should run for office, big office. Perhaps you know who might be looking for a candidate in ’08—save some of that orange paint, Johnny.

BTW: If you run into him on the streets of NY, ask him the name of the last book he read, then ask him if he understood any of the prose—assuming he has an answer. And, don’t forget, tell him he’s special.

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