Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.

- Ronald Reagan

Big Bush Boondoggle

Republicans tout Bush’s Medicare reform, while attacking Kerry for only talking about such reform. But didn’t Bush say that other day that he was for smaller government. New entitlements and smaller government? Sounds like Clear Politics.

Yes, Bush will win—as he should, when comparing the two—as Karrot Kerry has no ability to lead, but let’s not pretend George is playing anything more than a bit of Clear Politics when he vouchsafes for smaller government—it’s the game.

If the right has learned anything from the left, it should be that you must be honest about your candidate—warts and all. George is not perfect, he also isn’t orange, or trying to give comfort to the enemy. Taxes are coming down, so smaller government must follow, or…

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