Kerry’s Hope Bush’s Prayers

Kerry should have read here long ago, as we have suggested again and again that Bush’s weakness is the economy, not the war.

For the second straight month, the consumer confidence index fell. A falling consumer confidence is never good, especially if it is a trend. The market has been trending down. Consumer confidence trends down. The national debt grows. Oil prices raging higher. Yeah, let’s challenge Bush on the war against terrorism.

Bush really needs to get on his knees and pray for his good fortune, as he seems to have received a gift from above, with Kerry as his opponent.

Bush is probably weakest on the economy, and what is Kerry? Weaker.

If Kerry could focus, had any vision for the future at all, held any position that even hinted at leadership, he would have a chance, but he doesn’t.

Kerry/Edwards ’04: The Answer to Bush’s Prayers

For those unsure of your vote, can you really ignore the signs from above? The hand of fate is more powerful than Jimmy Carter’s.

BTW: Given these trends, the economy could fall apart after the election, or the concern that Kerry might become president could be one of the causes for the pessimism he works so hard to spread. Remember, there is a lot of money on the sidelines ready to kick this thing into gear, but when is the question.

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