What Colour is Kamp Kerry?

It sounds like there is a racial problem in Kamp Kerry. Everyone wants to be surrounded by the best and the brightest when they are running for office, and that should be the case. It just so happens that in Kamp Kerry the best and the brightest are not black or brown, according to those who lead such charges.

Why doesn’t Bush have this problem? I though (R)epublicans were all racist? That is what the (D)emocrats have been telling us all of these years. Oh, that’s right, the minorities in his camp are not true to their color, not real minorities. I’m sorry, I forgot. Well then, why doesn’t Kamp Kerry just tell the press that he is staffed by minorities, trapped in the bodies of whitey,

I’m waiting for the candidate that proclaims they are not pandering to skin color, that they see people as people, and the best and the brightest is their only goal. If this were the case, you’d end up with diversity, naturally. Wait, that sounds like Bush’s camp again, but they’re the racists, right? So confusing.

Clear Politics?

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