By doubting we come at truth.

- Marcus Tullius Cicero

Recession II

After consideration, we see no way of avoiding a second recession, with the clowns in Washington wreaking economic havoc. The only way to avoid another recession would be for the government to get smaller, responsible and reduce burden and regulation on the free-market economy. That is not going to happen with this bunch. Also, the man in charge of monetary policy, Ben Bernanke, who completely missed the recession's scope as he was sitting in the driver's seat and we were being run over by the misfiring economic engine, is causing real inflation to resuscitate the economy while at the same time not seeing the inflation currently taking place. Confusing? No, insane.

The guy who was driving the bus when it went into the ditch has decided that the best way to avoid going into the ditch again is to stay safely in the ditch. You, the consumer who could use some deflation to get your house in order, are going to be run over by the Bernanke Bus in 2011 and there is no way of avoiding it...unless we change bus lines.

As hard as it is for us to say, we think 2011 is going to make 2010 look like a party of prosperity.

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