In war, you can only be killed once, but in politics, many times.

- Winston Churchill


In these troubling financial times, the Senate cannot even pass the most mundane of financial controls, a 3 year (yes, ONLY 3 years!) moratorium on earmarks:

Thirty-nine senators voted Tuesday in support of a three-year moratorium on appropriations earmarks, the strongest showing ever by opponents of the current process and a potential game changer in the year-end budget debate. [Read]

39? Only 39 votes for a miserly 3 year moratorium? You really think these people are going to be able to make the tough cuts to get government spending under control when they cannot even cutback on this for a few years?

Looks like nothing will change until another election cycle shouts even louder, and 61 others can be replaced. (Would the vote be much different when the new congress is seated? No, the puppet masters are still in charge of the goodie bag.)

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