Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

- Benjamin Franklin


Kerry has become the ultimate hawk. He is not just a hawk, he is Uberhawk!


Uberhawk, the great crusader railing against evil, single handedly bringing the world together. Uberhawk would have captured Osama. Uberhawk would have a love and peace society in Iraq, functioning like a well oiled democratic machine – like in Chicago. Uberhawk would have shut down Iran and North Korea’s nuclear programs. Uberhawk would have dealt with the Saudi’s funding of terrorism. Uberhawk would have put the other world powerless in their places, yet – somehow – he would have brought the world together in a giant picnic of love and prosperity. Uberhawk is great.

Uberhawk, your hero with a plan… or a dream… or a fantasy… or a new speech.

Uberhawk is a registered trademark of John Kerry for President. Also the holder of record for the Ubersquirrel trademark.

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