Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't.

- Mark Twain

A Better Plan – Vote for Kerry

John Kerry says he has a better plan for Iraq.
John Kerry says he has a better plan for dealing with terrorists.
John Kerry says he has a better plan.

With John Kerry’s plan, Fallujah would not have happened. He said that today. He also referred to his Vietnam experience in the first 10 seconds of his speech, and referred to the advice he gave Bush from the senate floor – you know, some of that advice that changes with the wind. John Kerry wants us to look at what he has said in the past to better understand his position(s). With John Kerry, the world would be filled with peace and love, and the French and Germans would be our friends – as long as they could continue to make money off of Saddam’s benevolent regime.

Anyone who thinks John Kerry has a better plan should vote for John Kerry.
Anyone who knows what John Kerry’s plan is knows more than John Kerry.

Tip: John, just so you know, Bush is far more susceptible with his economic overspending than with your Iraq plan. You gave up attacking his economic policy after a week, perhaps because you did not have a better alternative. Can you stick with anything, even your own plan, for more than a week? Focus, John, focus.

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