The Left Fires

First it was Juan Williams, not it is a union stage hand:

The intolerance of the left is offensive and wrong in a free society. And they really believe they are tolerant...why, because they support social programs with the underlying message, "You are less than and need our help"?

Today is a good day to start to take a stand against the ignorance of political correctness.

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GSVA102 wrote:

What's next Bush Beans......not allowed to eat them.....better take them off the the store shelves!!!! Get rid of PC and fast.......and unions....they are not what they were originally help the MEMBERS not the union officials and their mandates.
10/24/10 08:32:19

Earthlink wrote:

The oddity is that the "left's" support is almost strictly oral, as opposed to monetary, on a personal basis. They contribut very little cash to actual needy causes, but go all out on the "arts"! Their "support" is giving bucks to assorted nonprofits with our tax monies, but contribute very little personally! And as we are learning, their tax dollar support goes to nonprofit orgs like ACORN, the SEIU, the NEA, etc., which are abound with waste and political malfeasance. So little seems to be accomplished with a whole megapool of monies.
11/13/10 12:32:29

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