Gubernatorial Candidate Takes Stand!

It is impressive when a candidate is willing to take a stand on the hard issues. In California, gubernatorial candidate has made his stance on cancer clear From his campaign:

Jerry Brown opposes cancer in all cases.
He believes in people not getting cancer.

It really is the perfect "liberal" statement, because they think that all that really matters is what they believe.

Jerry Brown also believes the state can spend money it does not have.
Jerry Brown believes he did a good job running Oakland. (Visited Oakland?)
Jerry Brown believes he cut taxes because over-taxed voters in California passed Proposition 13 while he was governor...working against 13.
Jerry Brown believes women do not need mammograms.
Jerry Brown believes his opponent, who has achieved something significant he has not (success in the real world), is a whore.
Jerry Brown believes he should be governor...and isn't what Jerry Brown believes all that really matters?

Poor Californians, too stupid to see what is in front of them.

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