Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.

- President George Washington

Moving Right, Move Left

What do you do with those liberals friends who are unabashedly ignorant as the country embraces small government, conservative principals? Move them further to the left.

The die hard left lovers are not happy with the (D)emocratic party, because even with complete control of congress they have chosen not to go left enough. There is no better time for them to show their displeasure by voting for a (G)reen, (S)ocialist, (C)ommunist or other marginal candidate on the ballot who is not running under the party of their true (D)etermination.

You can help! Encourage those friends and acquaintances beyond reason to embrace the party that truly speaks for them; to vote their true socialist ideals and punish the (D)emocrats. Encourage them to bring the (D)emocrats back into line with their ideological view, or warn them they will continue to be used by the politicians! Tell them to man up wuss up! Help them alienate themselves. Help them vote third party insignificance.

Many true conservatives have voted (L)ibertarian for years, often being told they are wasting their vote. The Tea Party has begun to change the limp and pointless (R)epublican party into a conservative party from within, bringing many libertarians back into the fold. It is these libertarians that can best help encourage the loony lefties to alienate themselves. (Perhaps this would force the (D)emocratic party to change from within and declare themselves socialists, which would be the sweet, honest kiss of death.)

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