Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't.

- Mark Twain

Government Support

You know those foreigners that support Kerry, something Kerry thinks is a positive? Who knew they were such big fans of the (D)emocrat party? Why, oh yeah…

Yes, Kerry belongs in the corrupt U.N. His leaderless ideals will be embraced well in that bastion of graft.

Those that are best in the game of Clear Politics have opposing stands on every issue, which they do not see as contradictory. Kerry is King! But remember, read his stance on the war, and you see he has nothing new to offer, though each day he says something distinctly unnew.

(Guess who is changing their mind? You used to be able to read Kerry’s Iraq stance, but it has been pulled from his website. Someone changing their view again?)

BTW: Word is, intergalactically, Bush it up by four.

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