Politics would be a helluva good business if it weren't for the goddamned people.

- Richard M. Nixon

Just Say No!

People have always used drugs, including our founding fathers, and they always will. The war on drugs is a failure, and will continue to be a costly failure. The kids know they are being lied to with some of these drug programs – such as the continually failing D.A.R.E. – but the adults continue to ignore and not address the hypocrisy. So, what now? Kids are killing themselves.

We teach the children that the answer is to “Just say no!” and not get involved with drugs. Then, when a kid does not fit into the limiting boundaries of normalcy, we tell them we have the answer: drugs. Huh? Seem insane?

Do not complain about the kids being screwed up, as we screw them up. Also, we tell them this is a free society. We can put the nastiest food and alcohol into our body, destroying from within, but there is a list of drugs that they cannot use. If they are used, you have engaged in criminal activity. We have now turned them into criminals. We are telling our kids they are criminals, but if they have a problem there is a list of drugs we have that can help them, because we are too busy to tend to their needs, which makes them want to get high...

Perhaps the ones committing suicide have seen the hopelessness of the insanity of the solution, and feel trapped. Kids would be better off with less pharmaceuticals and more parenting – yes, that means more work for parents, but they are your responsibility. You brought them into the world, now take responsibility for raising them, not drugging them till they are no longer your responsibility.

Just say no? Just shut up, you are killing the kids!

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