Astounding "Liberals"

The only thing liberal about so many (D)s is their ignorance. Some conversations are so absurdly entertaining, they have to be reported:

(?): I would love for you to consider positions of candidates, instead of just the letter after their name.
(D): I do, that's why I will never vote for a Republican.
(?): You just made my point. No matter how bad or evil their policy was, you would vote for the Democrat.
(D): You should love Jerry Brown, he wont spend any money.
(?): Uh huh, and Oakland is what we want California to become.
(D): Yeah, but Meg Whitman wants to become governor to eliminate the capital gains tax so she can get all of her money back.
(?): Where did you hear that?
(D): The news.

To carry on a conversation with a fool makes you a fool.

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