Rand Paul! Rand Paul!

Everyone is supposed to get in on the action. Every other name out of the mouths of (D)emocrats is Rand Paul and how horrible he is for the (R)epublican party--you know how much (D)emocrats care about their foes, which makes sense, as feelings are the only thing that really matters...blah, blah, blah.

Though a (R)epublican, Rand Paul is very much a libertarian, much like the founders of this country. Libertarians pose a threat to (D)emocrats because they believe in freedom, limited government and responsibility. They pose a threat to (R)epublicans for the same reasons, but libertarians of modern lore are trying to change the (R)epublican party from within--something they would have done within the (D)emocratic party before it was hijacked by socialists, communists and fascists, people who have nothing in common with the founders of this country. It is important that Americans not know what Paul stands for.

It would seem that a memo, no, a Tweet went out upon Paul's victory to every lefty lap dog to tear him down. The questions thrown at him have been bizarre, and this by the same people who seem to have little to ask the current president, even when it appears there are lies and misdeeds swirling about the White House. (Not a big deal that the White House offered a candidate a job to help secure a primary win for Arlen Specter?) Was there not a promise to immediately close Gitmo by this president? The man who has is presiding over the largest debt in our short history lectures the country on how it is time to become fiscally responsible--a bit of vomit had to be contained at such hubris. But where is there so much focus? Rand Paul.

The destruction of Rand Paul is number one on the (D)emocrat's list, and the established (R)epublican leaders also seem to have him high on their target list, having unilaterally supported his opponent in the primary. It appears that the only people behind Rand Paul are responsible American citizens. When the political establishment is threatened on both sides of the aisle, it really is time to take a look.

Rand Paul? Let's thank those trying so hard to assassinate him for bringing him to our attention, and let's take a look. What is it they fear?

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