I am a Republican, a black, dyed in the wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress.

- Frederick Douglas

They Care

When (D)emocrats are concerned about the GOP, they are afraid:

Democrats think Tea Party favorite could hurt GOP chances in November

Here is what we have to remember: To not be fiscally responsible is to care about nothing except your own looting of the government coffers. Democrats who say they believe in helping others cannot help anyone if they do not become fiscally responsible--how often do you see people in bankruptcy helping the community? And Republicans cannot say they care about the freedom of people and wanting to give them less government if they do not cut spending--how many people do you know that feel free burdened by massive debt?

Who cares about you, truly? No matter where you are in life, no politician has your interest at heart unless they are fiscally responsible. All other platforms are irrelevant, because it is finances that will drive decisions in the long-run. The problem is there are so few fiscally responsible politicians, and it would appear fiscal intelligent voters.

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