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Lazy Vacation?

In economics, there is one simple lesson, you get what you pay for. If you want more unemployment, pay for unemployment, and your government is doing just that:

The unemployment benefits program, which provides someone with up to 99 weeks of jobless benefits, has received two monthlong extensions in the past two months. It is unclear how much the next extension designed to last for the rest of this year will cost, but the price tag is expected to be in the tens of billions. [Read]

99 weeks of unemployment? Not enough. They are going to extend it. Do you know people on unemployment? Many of them are not looking for a job but taking a vacation. A two year vacation on your dime. And who are the suckers? This is what the (D)emocratic party stands for? This is not was the (D)emocratic party has stood for historically, it is too bad the least have taken over.

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dandy dale wrote:

The corporate elitists wanted NAFTA for a cheap labor source, the bill was signed and 8 million U.S. jobs were outsourced. That was not enough we then imported 20 million illegals for cheap labor. The U.S. was to be the high tech producing country, but, those jobs moved to Pakistan and India. Where the production goes, so goes the research and development. All this while the richest man in the country demanded more HB-1 visas. The only thing left, made in America, was housing, and housing materials. After 9/11 interest rates were dropped and illegals were qualified to buy housing, this kept the economy going. This new phenomenon needed a name economists created "Service Economy" Something that doesn't exist that main street would accept, while more smoke was blown up their backside. Now the economic steed has planted it's feet and the rider cast over it head. Now we have unemployment at 10% to 17% depending on which lair we listen to. And whose fault is it, why the people who are unemployed. There is no work for people who want work. You have a problem with this, when times were good there was no problem with those who never had a job or a desire to work, and to stupid to be employable. They were economically disadvantaged. Today we have professionals and tradesmen out of work, but they didn't create this economy. Ben Stein made the same comment, he doesn't get it either.
06/13/10 19:59:14

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