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Greece: Socialist Utopia?

When you look to the government to make your life better, you are enslaving the future to pay for your party. For those unable to see where the path leads, just look at the present:

In Greece, Prime Minister George Papandreou, the scion of a Socialist dynasty whose father helped erect the sprawling Greek welfare state when he was prime minister in the 1980s, sought to prepare Greeks for what was expected to be the greatest overhaul of the state in a generation. [Read]

Greece is bankrupt and civil unrest is becoming the norm, because people want and expect from the government.

Not all benefited from the government's largess, but all will suffer.

Does any country really want to step even a bit down this path? We should not pretend that government largess makes the country better. It enriches a few while dropping crumbs for many, and will harm us all.

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